Terms & Conditions







Gift cards will be redeemable 24 hours after purchase.

ZAAP gift cards can be redeemed at any ZAAP Thai location.

We strongly recommend you register your gift card online. In doing so, if your card is lost, stolen or damaged, we may be able to locate details of your card and send you a replacement.

ZAAP does not take any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Gift cards can be redeemed in full or used as part payment at any ZAAP Thai location. No booking is necessary.

Gift cards can never be exchanged for cash. No change or refund will be given, but remaining balances will stay on the card to be redeemed at a future date. All gift cards will expire 12 months after the date of purchase. Any remaining balance will be deducted on expiry. Gift card balances can be checked in branch, or online.

If we suspect a gift card is fraudulent, we reserve the right to immediately cancel the purchase and remove all credit.

We reserve the right to amend gift card terms and conditions at any time.